Well, Bosphorus is an eye arresting waterway forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia. The glittering sea and pleasant weather of the seaside make Bosphorus so adorable.

One of the most amazing place to visit in Turkey. A Trip is complete only with the help of Cruise along the Bosphorous. The starting point is the Eminonu area in the old town which is close to the Galata Bridge with the scenic view is the breath-taking beauty of Bosphorus. There are unconquered hidden caves, Greek Islands just waiting to be explored

Get ready for an unimaginable day with your loved ones on a private Bosphorus cruise for exploring sights, taste culture and unique adventure trip of Bosphorus. Roam to ottoman palaces, Mosques, mansions from the water giving great satisfaction.

A private Bosphorus cruise offers you a higher level of privacy, flexibility and luxury as well as the possibility to skip the lines, customize your schedule to explore most of the parts of Bosphorus straits not possible with the help of other mediums of travel.

There are numerous benefits of a Bosphorus cruise. These are the following;

  • Private and Customized Cruise only for you and your loved one’s
  • It is adhered with local safety regulations
  • It will be ideal for group and team sharing.
  • It can be designed depending on your desire and requirements.
  • You can get your recipient here by e-mail or by the portal.
  • Here you will get the availability of experienced charter specialists and event planners seven days a week for all enquiries.
  • You can also enjoy the delicious dinner in Istanbul dinner cruise in the dark sea.
  • The private cruise will give you privacy and relaxation to make your Bosphorus tour unforgettable.

The pleasant scene of Bosphorus will give you great amusement.

Experience yourself and your friends or family with the sights, taste, culture, and unique tests of Istanbul with a Bosphorus cruise. An event on a cruise inBosphorus will give you an extraordinary feeling. We are here to attend to every detail, that you can stay comfortable, free, and feel relief.

There will be every set of aspects of your requirements. We will arrange for you the live entertainment, floral arrangement, table setting, ground transportation