Visit remote and unusual places in the comfort of a luxury mega yacht. Go wherever you want, whenever you want, and visit secret hiding places and remote islands that can only be reached by water.


Take an elegant and luxurious yacht to enjoy a tour of Istanbul and experience the Bosphorus with a beautiful cruise during the day. Explore Ortaköy, Bebek, Rumeli Fortress, Maiden Tower and Bosphorus Bridges along the coast.

Couples, families, business groups, groups of friends, and, moreover, gala dinners, weddings, birthdays and all kinds of party memorable tours with boats and luxury yachts for special occasions such as Bosphorus cruises, we specialize in offering spectacular! By participating in our Bosphorus tours, you will have experiences that will be engraved in your heart forever. Explore the magnificent Bosphorus and all the sights along its length and admire all the important moments! Istanbul is waiting for you…

luxury yacht charter in the istanbul bosphorus


Rent a private boat for you in Istanbul! With its attentive and expert crew, 5-Star catering and full event facilities, there is nothing more memorable and impressive than an event held on a private luxury yacht on the Bosphorus. With its stunning natural splendor, the Bosphorus provides the perfect backdrop for a charter around its waters and allows you to experience a truly unforgettable cruise trip.

With a professional team dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience, tailored to the needs and wishes of you and your guests. You are free to immerse yourself in the luxury and relaxation of breathtaking landscapes, gourmet cuisine and endless activities at sea. Rent a private boat, enjoy the Bosphorus and explore Istanbul from the sea.

luxury yacht charter in the istanbul bosphorus



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